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When your relationships are stuck in circumstances that make you confused, hurt you and stir your emotions.

Ready to SPEAK UP templates what to say, how to say, why to say, all that needs to be finally SPOKEN UP.


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If you are in one of these situations, or similar ones

He appears after a long absence. He calls you and wants to meet.

You rarely meet.
When you do, it’s wonderful. But when you’re apart, he doesn’t even contact you. Zero. Nothing. Then he shows up again. And this is a regular pattern.

You don’t know where the relationship is going or where you stand.
He doesn’t define himself (there is no commitment on his part).
He doesn’t make plans. Maybe he disappears and reappears again.

In some special cases, you are his mistress.

Maybe he notoriously postpones meetings, is late, or cuts meetings short.
Maybe he acts “at the last minute.” One minute he’s cold, then warm, far away, then close.

You mainly sleep together, but he does not invest in other activities with you.
He doesn’t ask you out on dates. He doesn’t invest materially (like inviting you to restaurants). Rather, he just comes over, you sleep together, and you feed him.

Maybe he rejected you (broke up with you). He stated that he didn’t want you.
Nevertheless, he calls you regularly, ostensibly as a colleague. He initiates contact, but it ends with phone chats. You feel something different, and it hurts you.

It is definately for you.


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